When booking online

The cheapest way of booking is, when it comes to hotels, to search online and try to find directly the hotel you need, find their website and contact them directly. Instead many visit booking services like Hotels.com and booking.com, who take a percentage of the sale, making thereby the prices go higher for the buyer. You could use the booking services to find the perfect hotel, note the name of the hotel and do then a google search. In the email you send to the hotel, make sure you tell them how long you will stay, ask for price and discount if you are visiting for more than one month and pay them upfront, to not have any possible problems.

If you plan a 2 week or one travel, you could buy a package of flight and hotels, this can become cheaper, and more easier to handle with. If you can travel in times were most people work or go to school, the prices can go really cheap.

An appartment is always cheaper than a hotel, if you plan on staying 3 weeks or more, you could consider renting an appartment, hotel prices can cost $1200 whilest an appartment can cost $400, making it as said much cheaper.

Airbnb or Hotel?

Airbnb is a place were you can order cheaper places, appartment, even hotel rooms, for much less than usual hotels. It is safe and famous to use and many use this instead of booking usual hotel rooms. Airbnb came 4 years ago about and since then they have become huge. There has been complaints but not much.

We recommend Airbnb if the hotels are expensive for the destination you will travel to. Their site www.airbnb.com offers a simple search for all places in the world. Hotels can be very costy and you might find as good as standard at Airbnb than everywhere else. Read carefully through each of the places listed to make sure you have all covered. It is important for the appartment to have air condition, WiFi, preferable kitchen. Look at the pictures to see a glimpse of how it is inside and make sure to book a place not close to the roads.

Boat trips

Traveling with boats from Norway to Denmark or Germany offers a great vacation. The travel takes one day, you arrive at morning on the boat and stay overnight til morning. In the boat, like DFS Seaways there is plenty to do. Some boats offer casino games for real money, also free drinks and after the firt free you will need to pay, you can get free wifi access on caefeterias or go out to see the view from outside the boat. Taking some pictures would as well be pleasant. For children there are rooms with video games that cost money and for less elderly toy rooms were they can play and have fun. The boats offer taverns to buy proper food during night and in the morning they offer coffee with some breakfast. Late at night you could go to the disco and get something to drink, usually they have a contest were you can win money and or prizes. The rooms are not very big, a bit small, but nice enough to get a good night sleep.

Boat trips are not so cost, one way costs $200. You can either buy a one way or a deal, menaing that you can stay in the destination place for 6-8 hours. After this you will need to get on the boat to travel back to were you came from. Such deals are OK but we find the hours allowed to be out a bit too short, 2 days would be much better.


What you need for your vacation

So you decided to travel? Well, you will need some things to carry with you, to make the travel possible and pleasant. You should have your passport available a month before the travel..

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When booking online

The cheapest way of booking is, when it comes to hotels, to search online and try to find directly the hotel you need, find their website and contact them directly. Instead many visit..

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Sunny Bulgaria, great and exciting happy resort

Sunny beach is a great place to travel. You have huge beaches with bars and taverns close to the beaches with different attractions to do. You can get spa or massage, either in the beaches...

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Boe Telemark Norway, modern village worth the visit.

Boe is a small city, village in Telemark near the better towns. It is a place with many attractions for travelers worth the visit..

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Chrissi Island, Crete Ierapetra

There is an island, were you can travel with boat from Ierapetra. Most travelers spend hours there, about 6, and some stay over.

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Tenerife, Spain, vacations for all!

Canary Islands is an island group that consists of 7 main islands and 6 smaller..

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Seljord, Norway. A village..

Not many stores, and more local people live there. A hotel is found at..

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Arizona landscape

Some landscape images from Arizona, USA.

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Greece, a popular destination for many..

This warm climate place filled with inviting greeks makes it a ritual destination and worth the time spent there. Great beaches, excellent food is what awaits you in Greece. We have covered some places in Crete, the island close to Africa and Israel..

Bulgaria, of the cheapest in Europe..

People who live in Bulgaria speak less english, some do know greek making it a bit tricky to communicate.

We have written of Burgas & Sunny beach, last named was known of to have some problems before but appears now as to have been fixed by the goverment and tourism is again going up..

Norway, the believed northpole.

This country is of the richest with a very developed goverment system. Degrees can go down during winters and it can get very cold, whilest summers last 10 years have been more warm than usual, making it perfect for a swim.

Prices are expensive but there are many tourist attractions in Norway and we have written of the capital city Oslo and a more far by village.

Costa Rica, did we say cheap?

One beer costs 0.50$ in a bar if not less, people there are friendly and it is easy to get to know others if you travel alone. Great beaches with a warm climate makes this a great summer destination. Costa Rica is neighbour with Mexico but is known of to much more peaceful place in the Middle America.

Sweden, luxury in Scandinavia.

You can take the boat from Norway, Denmark or other lands to a place named Svinesund or Svenskegrensa, there you can buy cheap meat, beers and sugar candies and there are some hotels and camping offers available in those near places. We advice you to go there as the last place you will be. .

Denmark, cheap and luxurious..

If you want to travel outside Copenhagen, you can go to Fredrikstad, a great place, a bit smaller than the capital city, but worth the visit. You can visit with boat or train, with train it takes 1 hour about. A place more suitable for more relaxed vacation rather than the faster life of Copenhagen..